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Own Your Own Jewelry Store In Minutes! No Experience Needed

Own Your Own Jewelry Store In Minutes!  No Experience Needed

**This piece is my original creation. The Prosperity Amulet is handcrafted with copper wire. Pendant is smooth moss agate with metallic beads and I-Ching coins. $20 includes shipping. Add leather cord for $7 more. Please e-mail me to order**

Jewelry is the most sought after category
on eBay!!!!


Now you can get access to an unlimited supply
of jewelry to sell too!

* We setup your jewelry store
* You simply choose which jewelry you want
to sell
* You never have to buy the inventory.

Make pure profit because most item have a 500% markup.

Get your own Jewelry Web Store with over 2000 products that you don't have to buy until you already have them sold AND get marketing tools that will help you get traffic to your Jewelry Site. The Jewelry Starter Kit contains everything you need to start your jewelry business:

  • Fully Functional Website

  • Marketing Tools

  • eBay Tools

  • Jewelry Inventory

How You Earn:


  1. You sell a piece for $100 on eBay or on your site

  2. You collect payment from the customer ($100)

  3. You pay the wholesale price for the jewelry - $25

  4. You keep the profit $75

  5. We drop ship the item directly to your customer

That's a tremendous profit!

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Your Own Jewelry Store - Ten Day Trial Offer

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