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Merchant Services

 Merchant Services

E-junkie provides shopping cart and buy now buttons to let you sell downloads and tangible goods on your website, eBay, MySpace, Google Base, CraigsList and other websites using PayPal, Google Checkout, Authorize.Net, TrialPay, 2CheckOut and ClickBank.

For merchants selling downloads, E-junkie automates and secures the digital delivery of files and codes. If you are selling tangible goods, they automate the shipping calculation and inventory management. E-Junkie's shopping cart has a built in sales tax, VAT, packaging and shipping cost calculator.

You can sell ebooks, sell mp3 tracks and albums, sell software, icons, fonts, artwork, phone cards, event tickets, cds, posters, books, t-shirts and almost everything else you want to sell.

E-junkie has no transaction limit, no bandwidth limit, no setup fee and no transaction fee. Click on the banner or link below for your FREE one week trial!

E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital Delivery

E-Junkie Shopping Cart and Digital Delivery


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