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Leisure Audio Books

Leisure Audio Books

From the company website:

There is just no other online program, quite like this...


  • Our affiliate program is absolutely free to join AND you have the option to upgrade your membership to earn substantially higher commissions on your audio book sales, and to earn up to 50% of the upgrade fees of any members you sponsor.
  • Unlike other affiliate programs you have the option to sell our products directly from your own site! You can do that by creating your own custom codes using the magic of the SellDirectâ„¢ system to in your Audio Book Store back office. This technology allows you to make book store sales pages which exactly match your websites no matter what the theme of the site might be.
  • Add to this the simple fact that you can niche-target your selections of books to meet the precise demand tailored to your specific site audience. It should be easy to see that Audio Books will add superb value and generate a potentially massive new income stream for you with the minimum of effort.

    STOP AND THINK AGAIN - cellphones, the mp3 player and the Ipod are just everywhere! You need to be right at the head of the pack in supplying high quality, low cost entertainment materials for this amazing technology! Simply put, our program is far more powerful than a regular one level affiliate program, which makes this an incredibly attractive and lucrative program for you to join, right now.

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