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Join VMC Satellite In Selling DISH Network

Join VMC Satellite In Selling DISH Network

I was attracted to this opportunity because it seems to have more flexibility in marketing  both online and offline than the other affiliates I've joined. Although it's no longer new, satellite TV is still a service that many people are still thinking about switching to, especially with new features like DVR. VMC offers packages for as low as $19.99 per month and was established in 2000. In addition to a professional website in both English and Spanish with a personalized "Brought To You By...." line, VMC provides its affiliates a ton of print materials such as flyers, graphics and logos as well as banners. There's an opportunity to purchase a custom domain, business cards, door hangers, etc. as well.


I just signed up for this one, but it seems that it could be quite lucrative if you're willing to invest some time and a few bucks for promotional materials.


From the company's website:

Join us at VMC Satellite in selling DISH Network, an industry leader in providing digital broadcasting/television programming to over 13 million consumers. Today's Satellite marketplace continues to grow with more and more people upgrading their home televisions to big screens, flat panels LCD and plasma along with high definition channels bringing the quality of picture in US homes to a level never dreamed of before.

VMC has been a trusted leading online seller of DISH programming for mroe than seven years. Our relationship with DISH Network affords us priority installment for our customers and a high support level not provided to most satellite dealers.

VMC offers an outstanding Affiliate Program and thousands have partnered with us over the years. We build trust with our affiliates and look forward to supporting your efforts in earning extra cash selling satellite systems. Highlights of our program include:

  • COMPETITIVE COMMISSIONS: High bounties, multi level participations and twice per month payments

  • SUPPORT SYSTEMS: Online information for orders, activations and web analysis along with marketing tips and tools to drive your sales

  • CALL CENTER COMPETENCIES: Experts at product knowledge and converting prospective calls into orders and installs

We've paid out millions in affiliate commissions over the years; why not sign up and make an effort to earn your fair share. Sell a few to those around you or take it seriously and drive your earning into six figures as our best affiliate at VMC does each month. We'll ask for some quick information and you can be off selling.

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