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Crave Big Money? Get It With Crave Energy Drink!

Crave Big Money?  Get It With Crave Energy Drink!

I am really excited about this one...let me explain. Before I went full time with my current job, I had several part time jobs because my husband was terminally ill and this enabled me to be home more. The other day I was reminiscing about a merchanding job that I had during that time, just two days per week, no stress and the most fun I'd ever had at work. It was the perfect job except for the income. I might still be doing it if something hadn't happened at my current job to prompt them to ask me to come on full time. I joined this program a week or two ago and haven't had much time until today to really investigate it I joined because I loved the energetic video, no kidding! It really got my attention! You might want to make sure the sound on your computer isn't up too high and be prepared - "It Makes You Move!"

A trip through the members area on their website and watching one of the most poorly made videos I've ever seen - they probably had to make it themselves - inspired all kinds of ideas on how I could promote the product and the opportunity - including visiting some of my old merchandising contacts. Energy drinks were an eight million dollar business in 2001 and sales have continued to increase by fifty percent of that each year since then (Wikipdedia). I couldn't find a report that I didn't have to pay for, so you'll have to do your own math.  This growth is not expected to slow down any time soon. Crave is one of the first to have an energy drink that comes in packets that can simply be mixed with a bottle of water, far more convenient and a lot less expensive than most of the popular ones on the market right now. This is a ground floor opportunity for an extremely popular product that everyone wants - just last night I overhead a Wal-mart employee telling someone that she was living off energy drinks.  Imagine what you can do when there is no market saturation!

Even in pre-launch, you are given a free website. Watch the good video here. You can't see the other one unless you sign up, haha!

Crave Big Money

You can start with absolutely nothing but the website and your enthusiasm:

Use your website to create a virtual pre-launch team -

• Get the facts, hot off the press, within seconds
of being made public.

Details on exclusive "insider updates"
and "training" conference calls.

• The secrets to creating prospects on demand.

Insights to the "simplest online networking
marketing system" in the world.

• Why this could be the last company you'll ever
have to join.

Exclusive network marketing business building tips!

• Watch your team grow daily in the back office!

And much more!

You can add to your efforts by purchasing product in an affordable "quick start" package. Based on my experience with other companies, I can tell you that it is important to have samples at the ready to hand out. When you purchase the package you also receive points. If this isn't do-able for you right now, I found some other options that I will share with you when you join my downline.

Is this not the best opportunity you've seen lately or what? This is one that the whole family can participate in, especially if you have kids involved in sports programs and other activities. And when you get to the members area, you'll find that Vitamark has other great wellness products that you can promote if you enjoy this niche market in a constantly exploding industry.

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