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27/07/2008 18:39
  • An update has been added to the Internet Marketing and Other Scams page to include the GPT Boycott List.

  • The Traffic Exchange reviews have been updated to include two new traffic exchange sites: Traffic Exchanges

  • My Home Income Team Website has been addded to the Business Opportunities section. As I learned more about this one, I found that it has an amazing number of affiliate opportunities with great products to promote. Don't miss this one!

  • I've added an audio books page to the Books and Entertainment section with product reviews: Are You Listening?

  • More products have been added to my topsite: Top 100 Downloadable Books For Your Life

  • and the most exciting announcement of all:

iEmporium Featured In Ning Blog!

This is very exciting for our merchants as this increases our exposure to include all members of Ning networks. The membership drive continues until July 31st - join iEmporium and receive an entry into a drawing for a free full page feature i the August catalog!

I've added some banners and links to welcome my newest advertisers.  Please take a moment to visit their sites.  is a free online advice service that gives businesses the opportunity to directly connect with customers looking specifically for businesses within their industry. Advice Network gives businesses: the opportunity to directly reach their target audience, multiple ways to promote their business, exclusive sponsor benefits that generate business, and better search engine rankings.  is an Organic and Green solution to your makeup and body care needs. Their beautiful website showcases a wide variety of choices to fill all your beauty needs! Make up to 8% with every order. Horoscopesoffers Love Horoscopes sent straight to your cell phone Simply enter your name and the name of your love interest into the freaky love calculator and find out just how compatible you really are!


And that's how I spent my Sunday. I hope thta everyone else had a great weekend!


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